Trust and Try! a contemporary vaudeville show, performed at the Royal Hall in Bathurst.

“But the evening performance was definitely the hot ticket in town, the dress rehearsal open to the Hill End locals having stirred up controversy the night before. There were whispers of beautiful naked women and upset parents. The husband of our Bed and Breakfast host also had issues with the use of the crucifix during the day. Suddenly the 5 hours we had travelled from Sydney meant more than just a historical, rural location… Our first response was how the hell did Julie-Anne Long do it? This idea, that team, those songs, costumes, films…in this town? As Mitchell put it, she is just remarkable, and the audience, locals and blow-ins alike, went off like a cracker in the big Hill End night sky.” (Erin Brannigan, RT65 )


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Director Julie-Anne Long
Video maker Samuel James
Composer Drew Crawford
Choreographer/ performers Narelle Benjamin
Michael Whaites
Rakini Devi
Martin del Amo
Kathy Cogill
Bernadette Walong
 Photographer Heidrun Lohr
 Production Jessie Deane
 Produced by Onextra
The Nuns’ Picnic: Trust and Try!