A site-specific performance in and around the historic village of Hill End, NSW 2-5pm Saturday 4 December 2004

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“The landscape about us is a book we know by heart, but the little figures that move about on it are actors in a play that offer surprising situations and a drama we never tire of.” (Donald Friend, Hillendiana)

“Outside Bathurst we hit the dirt road which passed from dry, drought stricken countryside complete with ambling goanna, into the oddly green oasis of Hill End. Discovering that the centre of town is actually the town in its entirety, we joined other wandering souls in the heat for some nun spotting. We encountered them coming around a bend at the far end of town, walking solemnly in formation. There were more dotted in the following crowd—the crew had also donned habits—and it seemed we were surrounded by a black and white flock.

The figures moved like the nuns in The Sound of Music, floating serenely along as if on another plane. They popped up above fences, were seen kipping and twitching on the grass, revealing sexy underwear as they trudged across fields, praying before some grassy mounds and piling into a Tarago blaring Madonna’s Like A Prayer… The action led us around the town and eventually to the Catholic Church where picnics were distributed.” (Erin Brannigan, RT65 )

Director Julie-Anne Long
Video maker Samuel James
Composer Drew Crawford
Choreographer/ performers Narelle Benjamin
Michael Whaites
Rakini Devi
Martin del Amo
Kathy Cogill
Bernadette Walong
 Photographer Heidrun Lohr
 Production Jessie Deane
 Produced by Onextra


The Nuns’ Picnic: Landed in the Landscape