MissXL holds you to her bosom in a socio-erotic danse macabre.

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“Cleavage is performed in the Downstairs Theatre. The set is triangular with the base running across the front of the stage and the apex receding into a vanishing point at the far end. Stage left sits a reel to reel recorder. The recorded voice of a male paleontologist recites information on geological formations and rock cleavage. Long appears stage right, chatting informally with the audience while dressing in a brightly coloured bustier and performing dramatically exaggerated gestures of grooming. The reel to reel recorder plays throughout Cleavage incorporating a number of different voices Long skilfully interacts with these voices as the stories cue segments of her live performance. Cleavage is a consummate work. The recorded stories complement an intelligent and witty live text. Long’s versatile dance performance melds dramatic and performative elements. Cleavage replaces the brooding malevolence of Mrs Whippy, where the boundaries between good and evil merge, with an up front and often hilarious piece of dance theatre about fleshy bits”. (Kerrie Schaefer, RT49 )


Concept/choreography/performance Julie-Anne Long
Dramaturgy/Song Lyrics Virginia Baxter
Lighting/Production Janine Peacock
Stage Management Victoria Spence
Design/Construction Rohan Wilson
Set construction James Powditch
Joe Wilson
Producer One Extra Dance
Music: Sophie Tucker Follow a Star Overture
Tijuana Brass Girl from Ipanema
Latin Playboys Pink Steps
Hossein Farjami Nagmeh Estahan
Original Sound Mix Andrew Lancaster Supersonic Productions
MissXL: Cleavage