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MissXL: Cleavage
MissXL: Mrs Whippy
MissXL: Leisure Mistress
MissXL: FILM: Let the Dance Speak For Itself
MissXL: FILM: An Old Australian Folk Dance

“Let’s get one thing straight – MissXL is dangerous. The solo works performer Julie-Anne Long has put together under the banner MissXL are rife with irony, erotica, fear and loneliness”. (Cec Busby, Revolver)

“She is not the dutiful dancing daughter but a wayward woman conceptualising, choreographing and performing a contemporary and hybrid form of burlesque.” (Kerrie Schaefer, RT49 )

“Long’s acting and the thought processes behind her work give depth to the jokes that make you think about them when you have stopped smiling”. (Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald)