Julie-Anne is a member of a collective, Writing Dancing, who meet once a month in Sydney.

“Writing Dancing is a collective of artists, academics, students and writers. We have met once a month since Stephen Muecke and Erin Brannigan’s ‘Finding the right Language for Your Practice’ workshop, which Critical Path held in collaboration with UNSW in 2010. We have a responsive, organic and non-outcome focused approach that is centered on writing exercises brought to the group from elsewhere or devised by group members that encourage writing towards, about, around and alongside dancing. Sometimes this involves us in dancing too. We also respond to particular writing briefs that participants put forward (succinct by-lines, responses to live works, feedback on writing), do some shared reading (for example the Language poets), and also discuss current work, programs, pedagogy and politics associated with dance. Sometimes artists just talk about their current projects. The group is about community as well as work.”

(Erin Brannigan and Justine Shih-Pearson, ‘Introduction: Writing Dancing (Sydney)’ Critical Dialogues Issue 5 Writing Dancing, p. 6)

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