A one hour, solo performance, Val, The Invisible, commissioned by and performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 7-23 April 2012. Curated by Performance Space, one of Australia’s leading organisations for the development and presentation of interdisciplinary arts.

Since the 1960s artists, and more recently scholars in performance, have explored the intersection between movement and visual art through discourse on the subjective, the everyday and the private body made public. My performance extends these lines of enquiry to explore the labour of the body as part of the production of work. Specifically it examines the invisibility of low paid female workers.

This work extends scholarly work on performance through combining approaches from performance studies and critical geography. It focuses on the visible and the invisible and involves use of social and political space through durational, task based, everyday actions located in a new context for dance outside the familiar places of the studio or the theatre.


Research & Writing: VAL, The Invisible