An absurdist dance fantasy shot on Super8, ‘Nuns’ Night Out’ follows a flock of nuns ‘landed in the landscape’ in and around the historic village of Hill End. At the end of day they make their way to the Royal Hall for a curious vaudeville show.

Through surreal vignettes the veil of propriety is slowly removed to reveal dark currents of sensuality, ribaldry and untameable desire.

Filmed on location during The Nuns’ Picnic performance project.

Nuns’ Night Out was a finalist at the Reeldance International Festival 2006. Julie-Anne Long and Samuel James were awarded ‘Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film or New Media’ Australian Dance Awards 2006 for Nuns’ Night Out

Director Julie-Anne Long
Filmmaker Samuel James
Composer Drew Crawford
Choreographer/Performers Kathy Cogill
Narelle Benjamin
Michael Whaites
Rakini Devi
Julie-Anne Long
Bernadette Walong
Martin del Amo


The Nuns’ Picnic: FILM: Nuns’ Night Out