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Now You See Her is part of The Invisibility Project and comes to you as a playful, intimate, sociable, in-home entertainment with dance artist Julie-Anne Long as your invisibility specialist and the event’s chief ‘invisibilist’.

In Now You See Her we will eat and drink and dance and talk about our experiences of inhabiting invisibility, where the good, the bad and the ordinary are celebrated. We will build an archive of the realities of invisibility in our lives. We will each be complicit in assembling bizarre intersections of reality and fantasy – as we stand up and ‘be dancing’ and, if we like, make a mask. As we take a walk around the neighbourhood we will sharpen our skills for ultimate invisibility – or is that visibility? (Dis)appearing in our urban camouflage ‘into the permanent daylight’ under the cloak of darkness.

The Invisibility Project: Now You See Her