February 2016

OPEN CALL for getting into TROUBLE

An invitation from Julie-Anne Long to all who identify (or have identified at some point) as being part (any part) of the local independent dance sector

Hi All,

In 2013 I began working on a new project, TROUBLE: a place in time. Essentially the project is about exploring new modes of production for making dance and performance in response to the time and place we find ourselves in. It is also about generating a community of practice in support of different individuals, clusters and networks within the local independent dance sector. So the more people involved the better. All welcome!

I arrived in Sydney in 1985 and have been based here ever since. What has kept me here is the sense of connection and community I experience within the dance sector – where the lines between my professional colleagues and intimate friends are often blurry. I know you may have various stories to tell of these relationships. However, I see the independent sector as a unique self-organizing system, which offers support and is capable of adapting and repositioning in challenging times, such as the current funding environment and shift in perception of the role of the arts in Australia.

For me, one of the most notable aspects of the dance sector in Sydney is the diversity of practice and respect from within the sector for these differences. It is this ‘unlikeness’ that I want this project to privilege. How can we do justice to this diversity? How can we explore new ways of working to support community? As director, I will provide the initial stimuli and facilitate a process enabling artists to develop distinctive content, autonomously, determined by individual practices. More of that when I see you…

If you are interested in getting into TROUBLE come along to the first meeting where I will introduce the practicalities of the project, explain the proposed model and set things in motion.

TROUBLE: a place in time
Sunday 21st February
Critical Path @ the Drill Hall

PLEASE RSVP to let me know if you are available for getting into TROUBLE on Sunday 21st February. Also drop me a line if you are interested in being involved in the project but unable to come to the first get together.

*This invitation is open to everyone! Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone who I may have missed.


THE NEXT OPEN CALL IS PLANNED FOR Saturday 4 June 2-5pm – more news soon…


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